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BLUEfasma Project 
- Blue Living Labs 

The BLUEfasma project, funded in the context of the Interreg Med programme, aims to promote the innovative capacity of SMEs, clusters and public entities in the islands and coastal areas of the Mediterranean, supporting the growth of the Blue Circular Economy.  

As part of this project, two sessions of Blue Living Labs were held online on 5th and 6th November with the support of Lourinhã City Council.  

The main objective of the two Blue Living Labs sessions was the transfer of knowledge, in order to enrich and strengthen the available Circular Economy solutions. Different entities such as SMEs, Clusters, Innovative Enterprises, NGOs, Public Entities, Business Angels and Training and Education Entities participated in these sessions. 

This month: 

BLUEfasma Project
- Blue Living Labs


Protect yourself and protect the planet! 


Be safe, productive
and entertained

Protect yourself and 
protect the planet! 

When humanity started to fight against single-use plastics, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant increase in the use of this material and this situation is generating a larger volume of waste worldwide. 

The massive abandonment of disposable masks and plastic gloves adds to the list of environmental impacts, so be responsible and don’t throw them on the street. Masks and gloves are for you, not for the planet. Use the containers! 

What can we do to protect ourselves but also protect the environment? Here you have some tips from our interns!   


Be safe, productive and entertained! 

As you already know, there are new restrictive measures in different municipalities in Portugal due to the current pandemic situation.  

Teleworking is mandatory in all jobs that allow it so on the first Monday of November we closed our office in Algés for a few weeks. Currently, we are working again from home and of course, all the IrRADIARE team continue meeting each Friday to keep also our chill moments together despite the distance. 

Be responsible and stay positive. Vai ficar tudo bem!

Be safe, productive and entertained! 

In addition, a curfew has been established on weekdays at 11pm and at 1pm during the weekend so, apart from teleworking, we have to spend a lot of our leisure time at home! 

Therefore, we want to give you some ideas of activities you can do at home: 

•   Take some time for you to relax and be calm. Apart from looking after your physical health, it is very important to look after your mental health! 

You can listen “LoFi Hip Hop Radio” by ChilledCow, a Youtube channel which plays 24-hour music for chilling and relaxing. 

Also, you can get initiated into meditation with some apps like “Breathe (Stop, Breathe & Think)”. 

•   Watch a series or read a book. It’s always a good idea for entertainment and learning! 

If you think you already watched all the series or films during the last quarantine... let us to suggest you “Minimalism: A documentary about the important things”, a really interesting documentary about sustainability. 

You can also read some books about it like “Desafio Zero”, which challenges you to change your habits to become more environmentally helpful. 

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